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Explore Your Faith Like Never Before

Parenting Kids From The Inside Out

Reimagine Young Adult Ministry

Creating Orthodox Christian Space For Young Adults

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Session 1

Boston (Wait List)
June 8-18, 2024

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Northern California
June 18-28, 2024

Session 3

Boston (Wait List)
June 22 – July 2, 2024

Session 4

July 6-16, 2024

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Welcome to CrossRoad Institute

Our mission is to inspire and fuel young people to embrace the Orthodox Christian faith and lead lives of transformative purpose in Christ. We provide education, programming, and experiences so that our Orthodox Christian parishes may be overflowing with young people who humbly and boldly love God and their neighbor for the life of the world.

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Our Path

Through CrossRoad Institute programs, events, and outreach, our commitment is to:

  • Provide transformative Orthodox Christian education and ministry.
  • Honor the agency of learners, turning inquirers into leaders.
  • Cultivate and nurture communities of Orthodox learners, growing in purpose and service together for Christ.

Our vision is for Orthodox Christian parishes to be overflowing with young people who humbly and boldly love God and their neighbor for the life of the world.

Who We Serve

Our community is filled with love, laughter, faithfulness, and a commitment to inspire and fuel emerging leaders for the Orthodox Church and world.

High School Students

Young Adults


Youth Workers


CrossRoad Institute Impact

CrossRoad is excited to share the impact of our programs, revealing transformative experiences and spiritual growth that participants continue to experience in their Orthodox Christian Faith.

CrossRoad Summer Program


All-time number of parishes that have sent youth to CrossRoad

All-time number of participants who are now Crossroad alumni

46 states,
3 provinces


Number of alumni and alumni staff serving as priest or priest's wife

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YOUNG ADULTS Participating



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CrossRoad News & Resources

Stay up to date on all offerings and resources of the CrossRoad Institute.

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From Our Participants

“If I could describe CrossRoad in one word it would be love. Never in my life have I experienced such friendship, dedication, and intimacy from those around me.”


2022 Session 3, CrossRoad Summer Program

“It was excellent. I appreciated seeing the different types of parenting (and recognizing myself in all of them). What really hits home is person vs. performance. I am guilty everyday of focusing on performance and I need to dial it back.”


2023, Parenting Webinar

“The churches we visited are beyond words in holiness, beauty, and sanctity. I wish this program had lasted much longer. Everyone who participated loved it so much and made amazing friendships, including me.”


2022 Session 2, CrossRoad Summer Program

“Never have I learned this much about myself and the Faith. My heart was opened in a way it has never been opened.”


2022 Session 2, CrossRoad Summer Program

“I don’t know how to say it fully, so I’ll say it simple. This saved me. I was so moved and amazed, I can’t describe the closeness and happiness I’ve felt here.”


2022 Session 3, CrossRoad Summer Program

“…had the best weekend.. can’t wait for next year!”

Retreat Attendee

2023, CR Alumni Retreat 2023