For Parents

CrossRoad can help students and young adults deepen their understanding of their faith, develop leadership skills, and connect with other Orthodox Christians.

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to CrossRoad Institute, we have had the privilege of serving students and their families for 20 years. Starting with our CrossRoad Summer program, it has been amazing to support 11th and 12th grade high school students in our 10 day academic institute and watch how they form lifelong friendships, ask hard questions, and explore their calling as Orthodox Christians in today’s world.

Beyond the summer program, we have built our educational ministry around answering the question, “What do our Orthodox youth and young adults need to grow in their faith and be the next leaders of our church?”. Our offerings center around building confident leaders who take their faith on as their own to love their parish community as Christ loves the church.

Parents, we need you to be the director of engagement. Bring CrossRoad into your home as a place where your teenagers can attend our summer program. Learn about our Telos Project to support young adult ministry in your church and engage with our new parenting outreach to gain the community and support we all need as Orthodox parents.

Be in touch and let us know how we can serve you!

Programs To Know

Engage with our programs by talking with your own children, your priest and parish, and other parents about what CrossRoad Institute offers.

CrossRoad Summer Program

CrossRoad Summer is a ten-day academic summer institute that prepares high school juniors and seniors to make big life decisions and invites them to connect with the Orthodox Christian theological and spiritual tradition in a deep and meaningful way.

CrossRoad Parenting

Providing educational programming for parents and parishes to gain insight into the emotional needs of our children and the parenting styles that most effectively help us connect with our kids.

Telos Project

The Telos Project helps parishes reimagine young adult ministry in a way that invites young adults to become engaged, energetic, and effective leaders in your community.
We are here to get you started and be your guide.

Telos Center

The Telos Center seeks to connect young adults with Christ and community as we navigate the relationship between faith and life in our world today. Operating in Cambridge, MA as a community space for work, events, and activities as we strive to find Christ in the world around us.

How Parents Can Be Involved

Engaging Our Youth

CrossRoad Summer provides the ultimate experience for our youth to take on their Orthodox faith as their own and discover what is next after high school.

Educational Programming

From CrossRoad Summer to parenting webinars, to bringing young adult ministry to life in our Telos Workshop, we love being a resource for you, your priest and parish, and young adults.

Supporting Spiritual Growth

Through our faculty, guest speakers, and resources, everything we do is to provide transformational education and experiences that increase our faith and love in Christ.