For Young Adults

CrossRoad Institute aims to fuel and equip young adults. We are here to support you in your faith journey as you learn, lead, and serve in your parishes and wider communities.

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The CrossRoad Institute is here to engage and support young adults. We know young adulthood is a journey of figuring out who we are, what we believe, and where we belong. We also know young adults are full of giftedness and leadership potential.

We want to support you in your faith journey and in your desire to serve in your Orthodox parish and wider community.

Programs To Know

These CrossRoad Institute programs are for you!

Telos Project

The Telos Project helps parishes reimagine young adult ministry in a way that invites young adults to become engaged, energetic, and effective leaders in your community.
We are here to get you started and be your guide.

Telos Center

The Telos Center seeks to connect young adults with Christ and community as we navigate the relationship between faith and life in our world today. Operating in Cambridge, MA as a community space for work, events, and activities as we strive to find Christ in the world around us.

CrossRoad Alumni

CrossRoad Alumni share the common experience of having participated in the CrossRoad Summer program. Alumni gather for retreats, leadership opportunities, and act as advisors to the CrossRoad Summer program.

How You Can Be Involved

After hosting over 1,100 teenagers through CrossRoad Summer, we were led to ask the question, ‘What’s next?’. Just as leaving high school and the teenage years behind is a monumental step in life, we saw those exiting college and entering into their twenties in a time of great transition as well.

Your needs within the context of your faith continue to grow and change, but you are also now in a position to share your gifts with those around you and your parish!

  • Are you seeking to be more engaged in your parish?
  • Do you have a desire to see more active and connected young adults in your community?
  • Do you seek to develop your leadership skills in the context of serving the church?

Our young adult programs such as the Telos Project and Telos Center are here for you. If you attended CrossRoad Summer when you were younger, we are excited to have you as part of our Alumni program. Reach out today to connect and learn more on how you can be involved!

Your Needs

Your world continues to grow as you settle into your first career path or continue your education. Having an Orthodox parish where you can be a part of a community is of huge importance. Telos Project is here to be your guide on how to have a robust young adult ministry.

Your Experience

You are a wealth of experience in what you have learned thus far in where God has placed you at this moment! It is time to share where you have been and connect with other young adults to build a community of young adults like yourself. Check out the Telos Center in Cambridge, MA and request a Telos Workshop to be held at your parish.

Your Gifts

Your talents are treasures to share with your parish community! Be a leader in how you contribute to all that is around you through the example of Christ’s love. Let us the Telos Project provide a starting point in how you and other young adults in your parish can thrive.

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Resources For You

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