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For Youth Workers

CrossRoad Institute is here to support those who work with our Orthodox youth in the critical work of cultivating young people in our parishes.

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Youth workers, thank you! We know you work tirelessly to support our youth and engage them in a rich life in Christ and the Church, and we are here to help. CrossRoad programs continue the cultivation you have begun, deepening your young people’s understanding of their faith, developing their leadership skills, and connecting them with other Orthodox Christians.

Programs To Know

CrossRoad Institute designs programs to support you, your priest and parish, and your youth and young adults!

CrossRoad Summer Program

CrossRoad Summer is a ten-day academic summer institute that prepares high school juniors and seniors to make big life decisions and invites them to connect with the Orthodox Christian theological and spiritual tradition in a deep and meaningful way.

Telos Project

The Telos Project helps parishes reimagine young adult ministry in a way that invites young adults to become engaged, energetic, and effective leaders in your community.
We are here to get you started and be your guide.

Parenting Workshops

Providing educational programming for parents and parishes to gain insight into the emotional needs of our children and the parenting styles that most effectively help us connect with our kids.

Telos Center

The Telos Center seeks to connect young adults with Christ and community as we navigate the relationship between faith and life in our world today. Operating in Cambridge, MA as a community space for work, events, and activities as we strive to find Christ in the world around us.

CrossRoad Alumni

CrossRoad Alumni share the common experience of having participated in the CrossRoad Summer program. Alumni gather for retreats, leadership opportunities, and act as advisors to the CrossRoad Summer program.

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How You Can Be Supported

  • ZTalk with your priest about opportunities to engage with CrossRoad Institute; share our website and invite him to learn more about our work
  • ZEncourage your parish’s high school juniors and seniors to apply to CrossRoad Summer
  • ZEnsure CrossRoad Summer posters, bulletin inserts, and media posts are shared with your congregation
  • ZConnect your parish parents, grandparents and godparents with CrossRoad Institute’s parental support and learning opportunities
  • ZApply to become a Telos parish, connecting your young adult ministry to ongoing support and inspiration
  • ZReach out to tell us about areas of need in your youth and young adult ministries; We are here to serve you!

Extend Your Reach

Youth Workers are responsible for so much, we know the challenges to build and sustain amazing youth ministry in your parish. Let us provide additional support and education to the families and young people you have so carefully cultivated.

Meet Ministry Challenges

We have worked with young people for two decades; We are happy to listen to your challenges and connect you to solutions, ideas, programs, or other resources that will work with your specific needs and community.

Your Good Word

Fellow youth workers, clergy, parents, and grandparents are always looking for healthy, spiritually sound, and effective opportunities for their young people. A recommendation from you is the most effective way we can support our youth and young adults!

Resources For You

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