CrossRoad Summer Program

Fill Your Summer With What Counts!
Explore What is Next.

CrossRoad Summer Program

Fill Your Summer With What Counts!
Explore What is Next.

CrossRoad Summer Program

Fill Your Summer With What Counts!
Explore What is Next.

CrossRoad Summer Program

Fill Your Summer With What Counts!
Explore What is Next.

Applications Remain Available for California & Chicago!
Are you a junior or senior in high school? Now is the time to apply!

CrossRoad Summer Program 2024 Sessions & Locations

Session 1

Boston (Wait List)
June 8-18, 2024

Session 2

Northern California
June 18-28, 2024

Session 3

Boston (Wait List)
June 22 - July 2, 2024

Session 4

July 6-16, 2024

Application Deadline:

  • Session 1 & Session 3 are now full.
  • Please apply to join us in Northern California (Session 2) or Chicago (Session 3)!
    Accepting applications with rolling acceptance. Once all slots are filled, no further applications will be accepted.

Zoom Information Sessions

Ready to uncover the transformative experience awaiting you at CrossRoad Summer 2024? Watch replays of our Zoom Info Sessions!

Orthodox Youth Take The Challenge

CrossRoad is a ten-day academic summer institute that prepares high school juniors and seniors to make big life decisions and invites them to connect with the Orthodox Christian theological and spiritual tradition in a deep and meaningful way. CrossRoad offers a space for young people to form authentic and lifelong friendships, ask hard questions, and explore their calling as an Orthodox Christian in the 21st century.

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Who Is This Program For?

The CrossRoad Summer Program is designed for high school juniors and seniors who are interested in exploring their faith and purpose from an Orthodox Christian perspective. It is open to young people from all walks of life, regardless of their background or level of religious education. Whether you are new to the Orthodox Christian faith or were baptized as an infant of the community, the CrossRoad Summer Program is a welcoming and supportive environment where you can deepen your understanding of your faith and connect with other young Orthodox Christians from across the country.

Ask Hard Questions

Dig into the wellspring of Orthodox Christian theology, spirituality, and scripture with some of the best professors in the country. At CrossRoad we encourage you to bring your hard questions about life, faith, and vocation, while providing mentors who will help you explore the depth and wisdom that Orthodoxy has to offer.

Discover Your Purpose

During a time when you may be questioning what you are meant to do with your life, CrossRoad will help you understand your deeper, God-given purpose and guide you in discerning how you are being called to serve.

Make Friends For Life

You will have the opportunity to connect with Orthodox peers from across the country in a meaningful and lasting way. Develop a support system of deep relationships grounded in your shared faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible?

CrossRoad is designed to best meet the needs of Orthodox teens in their junior or senior year of high school who desire to deepen their faith in an Orthodox setting. For this reason, applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 18 years old, and should not have graduated high school prior to April of the year they apply. For CrossRoad 2024, we will accept students in the high school class of 2024 or 2025 (juniors and seniors).

We actively seek a 50/50, male/female ratio, as well as students from as many Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christian backgrounds as possible. Preference will be given to Orthodox Christian youth who reside in North America.

For questions on eligibility or for more information contact us.

Is there a tuition charge?

Yes, for summer 2024 there is a tuition charge for the CrossRoad Summer Institute of $950 for the ten-day session.

Home churches of participants are encouraged to help with tuition and to have their student present or write on their experience after attending.

How are students selected?

Students are selected through an application process. We place the most weight on the applicants’ essay and recommendations and will specifically look to have a diverse group of students. We do ask for high school transcripts, but this is only informational for us, to see the various interests and strengths of applicants. We can only accept a limited number of applicants, so be sure to submit all of your application materials by the application deadline.

For questions on our selection process or for more information contact us.

What if I can’t afford tuition?

It is our CrossRoad policy that no accepted participant requesting tuition assistance will be turned away. With that in mind, we have full/partial scholarships available once a student is accepted to the program. The financial aid application process is “needs blind,” meaning the acceptance process is independent of student financial need.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Students will be able to apply for financial aid only after they have been accepted to the program. Accepted applicants will receive a packet of information on how to apply for financial aid/scholarships with their acceptance letter.

CrossRoad Summer Impact

All-time number of parishes that have sent youth to CrossRoad

46 states,
3 provinces


Total number of sessions held since 2004

All-time number of alumni

All-time number of young adult program staff

Number of alumni and alumni staff serving as priest or priest's wife

Number of alumni and alumni staff serving in fulltime lay ministry

Applications now open for CrossRoad Summer 2024!
Are you a junior or senior in high school? Now is the time to apply!