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Personal stories that capture the transformative impact of CrossRoad Institute, offering authentic and heartfelt accounts of participants’ experiences, growth, and connections formed through our programs.

This has been the best ten days of my life so far. I have made connections and friendships that will never go away, but more importantly, I have taken my faith into my hands in these past ten days. I believed in God all my life and I grew up in the Orthodox church all my life, but over the past ten days I have developed a personal relationship with God and a fire has been lit within me that was never there before. I want to thank you again so much for helping make the best week and a half of my life possible.


2019 Session 3

“The experiences at CrossRoad have truly become treasures in my heart. I will cherish everything I have learned and the friends I have made. Because of CrossRoad I have grown stronger in my faith and have never felt so much joy,”


2022 Session 1

“Above all else, CrossRoad taught me that the beauty of our faith isn’t relegated only to the church walls, but is alive in the whole world around me.”


2022 Session 1

“It was so helpful to have clear explanations and real world connections and advice to share with our teens!”



”If I could describe CrossRoad in one word it would be love. Never in my life have I experienced such friendship, dedication, and intimacy from those around me.”


2022 Session 3

Life Is Not About A Title. Life Is About A Person.

When you give to CrossRoad, you are making a direct investment in the spiritual journey of young Orthodox Christians, providing them with an opportunity to deepen their faith and forge lifelong connections. Your support not only creates lasting memories but also helps shape their relationship with Christ, guiding them towards a lifelong commitment to their Orthodox Christian identity.